Conditions of registration

  • Please pay the conference´s fee to the organizer´s account at UniCredit Bank:
    account number: 2110560278/2700
    bank institution: UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia, a.s.
    Želetavská 1525/1
    140 92 Praha, Czech republic
  • Variable symbol – order number, you will recieve the order number by email sending the completed registration form.
  • IBAN: CZ62 2700 0000 0021 1056 0278
  • Mandatory registration will be finished only according to the conference fee that is credited to the account of the organizer.
  • Tax payment receipt of the registration fee will receive e-mail contact.
  • Deregistration is not possible, but can be represented by another person.
  • If the conference fee is NOT credited before the conference on our account, it IS necessary to prove the payment when registering for the conference by presenting eg. account statement or confirmation of the completed transaction.
  • For payment is necessary to use a variable symbol, if not directly, include it in the message to the recipient/organizer.